So far I am learning a lot about Vietnam. The good and the bad. I heard of stories from my cousin where you were looked at as a dollar sign if you were a tourist in Vietnam. Local sellers would try to scam you of your money and charge you for higher prices than usual. What surprised me the most was that my cousin was Vietnamese and understood Vietnamese, but they still tried to scam him. Another bad thing that my cousin told me was crossing the streets/roads in Vietnam. There were no stop signs or streetlights; motor bikes and scooters were constantly moving. He told me that crossing the street was very dangerous because the road bikers had no mind that you were crossing the street. My cousin told me that he had to cross quickly in order to get across. 

Even though I researched the bad things about Vietnam, the good things outweigh the bad. Traditions, attractions, and especially the food. There are just too many things that are good in Vietnam that make me want to go there. It's where my family is from. I want to visit Vietnam before it gets too modern. I know it's a good thing for Vietnam,  but I want to experience the tradition and culture before it does. 

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